Benefits of having a Business Blog for your Website

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business
May 4, 2018

Benefits of having a Business Blog for your Website

A Business Blog on a website is like an element that adds value to what it meets with less effort and more effect. Blogs are one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to enhance and increase web presence and building, expanding and maintaining existing and potential future clientele.

Reading about a blog in a blog is a proof good enough to indicate that the use of a blog goes beyond its dictionary definition-"a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style."

Here are eight complementing benefits of having a Business Blog for your business-

Easy to use

Blogs are easy to use and require nothing more than quality content and regular frequency of posts. Blogs are a win-win because of the less effort involved and more benefits promised. From property websites like to entertainment websites like, most successful online websites have a blog that contributes to their growth immensely.
Pro tip- Build an email list of your visitors through asking them to sign up for newsletters and other updates to keep them posted about your new content regularly.

Show up in searches

Having a business blog on a website fuels powerful SEO. Good and original content is something that search engines love. With an updated and well maintained blog, search engines will reward your website with better search rankings, organically. Digital marketing researches have indicated and proven that blogs with content that is appealing and SEO friendly help in boosting organic Search Engine Optimization.
Pro tip- Make use of ideal keywords in your blog content to keep the SEO process amplified.

Get visited, more often

Every internet surfer's Google search history has doubts and questions in it. If your business and brand are related to someone's queries, the chances of them not just coming across your website, but also visiting it are increased. Most of the visitors on websites like are not because people know of their website as a heath information website, but because it answers questions of thousands of people who Google their doubts in the form of questions like "How to lose weight?", etc.
Pro tip- Give appropriate headings in the form of sub-points or keep articles in the question-answer format to get visited every time someone asks a question on Google.

Blog truth, Build trust

People love real stories and they believe them too. Having stories and experiences to narrate to your readers keeps them engaged and makes them want to know more and visit your site again. It builds a sense of trust between your brand because of its transparency and interactive nature. Websites of various digital fashion influencers like Kritika Khurana of and Aashna Shroff of are loved because their blogs don't just answer questions of people who Google doubts, but also give honest, tried and tested and real life experiences and stories through tutorials, blogs and vlogs that keep people glued.
Pro tip- Share real people testimonials or expert advice from the best in the business to prove that your brand is the best at what it does

Upper hand to Your brand

With better SEO, more visitors on your website and trustworthy content on your blog, your brand becomes a leader in the community of other similar and competitive brands. An edge above other competitors is sure to make your brand lead in its forte.
Pro tip- Conduct interesting surveys, giveaways and give importance to your audience feedback. This makes your customers love your brand more.

Make money as you make blog posts

Have you ever come across ads while reading something online? These are the ads that help most bloggers make money. Through "pay-per-click" system, advertisers pay the bloggers for letting their ads be on the respective blogs. One of the highest earning website of current times in India, is a remarkable example of earning through blogging by virtue of brand collaborations, referral marketing strategies, tie ups, etc.
Pro tip- Begin with referral blogs and as and when you gain popularity, switch to paid partnerships and monetize your blog

Educate explorers, earn customers

Buyers are impressed by sellers who don't just sell, but contribute in more ways too. An essential attribute of a promising brand is that it focuses on more than just selling; It focuses on educating and keeping informed its buyers about various aspects related to the product directly or indirectly. Uber popular luxury makeup brand Huda Beauty earned its marketability gradually as the founder, Huda Kattan connected with the masses whilst educating people about makeup and skincare through her blogs.
Pro tip- Pay close attention to what readers what to read and view in future. Ask for suggestions and create content accordingly. Remember, your audience is your everything.

Hold visitors back, with back links

With back links in your blog, you can guide the readers to various related pages on your website or other websites with whom the blog has a collaboration or a paid partnership. In this manner, you continue to hold your visitors back on your website for more information, thus proving the updated nature of your website. Cooking websites like insert back links in most of their advanced recipes. These back links take the viewer to basic recipes on the same website. As a result of this, the reader and viewer is gripped to the website for all recipe related queries rather than checking elsewhere on other sites.
Pro tip- Don't insert too many back links in one paragraph. This takes away the essence of the blog post that the reader is reading and shifts focus to different posts, thus failing to keep him engrossed in one post at a time.

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