Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

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March 31, 2018
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May 23, 2018

Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Business

Benefits of having a mobile app for your business

Digital era-

The fact that you're reading this blog on a digital platform speaks for the reality of how technology has taken over our lives in the past decade. From entertainment and education to buying and selling, every basic utility makes itself available on several digital platforms and is just a few clicks away. Our strolls in the market have been replaced with scrolls on our Smart phones and most of the time spent on our phones is spent on switching between several mobile applications for varied purposes like communication, gaming, shopping and more. Mobile applications, better known as mobile apps are the modern way for a business for not just marketing their business, but also keeping maintained and expanding clientele and customer base.

What kind of businesses can have mobile apps?

It is a myth that only businesses that are on a large scale and have a huge turnover or brands that have been popular for years qualify to have a mobile app for their ventures. On the contrary, every business, irrespective of its size can do better and scale new heights by virtue of having an interactive and well structured mobile app.

Website or Mobile app?

A website surely makes transactions better and more facilitated when compared to the actual and physical offline process of a time consuming transaction, banking for instance. However, statistics and several consumer researches and surveys point towards the installation and usage of a mobile app being a choice of individuals over visiting a website for the same process or activity. Besides, an app that is well created and managed works better and faster than a website. There are several reasons behind why a using mobile app is the most preferred manner of getting things done through a Smart phone and how having one for your own business can subsequently benefit it in multiple ways. Here are 5 ways in which a mobile app contributes towards the betterment of your business promotions and sales-

i.Personalized experience-

Giving your customers personal attention and a great shopping experience is one of the basics of marketing your business well. Through a mobile app, the experience derived by every user is unique. For instance, on a well formulated shopping app, consumers can customize and shortlist the kind of options that they would like to view. Thus, a personalized experience is provided to every consumer that makes them want to use the mobile app over and over for all its advantages.

ii.Increased and continuous visibility-

A Smartphone user constantly switches between apps. In between this process, the visibility of your business and brand remains constant, which wouldn't be the same in case of a website. Brand visibility is one of the most essential aspects of marketing and this gets facilitated through a mobile app.

iii.Increased accessibility and reach-

By means of a mobile app, your business gets known and accessible to a multiplied number of potential consumers thereby increasing its reach. With an app that is user-friendly and fun to use, a consumer is sure to use it again and recommend it to other potential customers and users as well.

iv. Keep your customers notified-

Through a mobile application, one can keep his customers notified about new facilities, offers and services. This trend has replaced the traditional way of marketing and notifying about new changes through mainstream advertising only. Using mobile applications, every new feature reaches to the consumer in no time as a notification.

v. Build Customer loyalty-
v. Build Customer loyalty-

Every person who installs the mobile app of your company is subconsciously being a part of the community of your loyal customers that you can build. Providing exciting deals upon installation of the app, giving away exclusive offers to the users of the app and making benefits available to customers who recommend your app are ways in which your company can build a loyal customer base that is dedicated to the using or enjoying the product or service that is specific to your brand.

Where and how can one get the assistance to get a mobile app for his business?


An app developing company, (one like ours, to be precise) that has a dedicated team, unmatched expertise, experience in providing the best to an extensive clientele and a drive to do the best for its clients is what one must seek while looking to make a mobile application for a business venture. Click here to get in touch with us and start the journey of getting your exclusive mobile app created by Panteralabs.


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